About Chemical Compliance Advisory Services


Chemical Compliance Advisory Services was founded by Elaine Campling. Before setting up CAS, Elaine was Product Safety Manager for Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems, managing a team responsible for regulatory strategy, compliance policy and procedure, hazard communication and chemical safety, including transport of dangerous goods and food packaging. She has extensive auditing experience on ISO activities and dangerous goods. 

Elaine has significant history with several trade associations and chemical industry organisations, chairing several regulatory compliance groups. She is a successful lobbyist, able to report many commercially positive outcomes.  Elaine has been the Chair of the Chemical Hazard Communication Society (CHCS) Training Panel, for several years, responsible for their extensive, modular training programme covering Safety Data Sheets, biocidal products regulation, packaging and labelling (supply and transport) and other regulatory compliance topics. She has introduced a number of successful Modules to the training programme.

Elaine has led a number of successful awards applications on environment and sustainability and developed an awards programme for a trade association. Elaine is skilled in corporate social responsibility activities and is proud to have helped the Fujifilm Corporation achieve a high ranking under the Carbon Disclosure Project.

Elaine is also very experienced in organising events and has written many articles for industry publications.

How We Work With You

Chemical Compliance Advisory Services will tailor our support to suit your business and your budget. We undertake on-site activities and in house training. We can also provide ongoing support, in person, by email or phone. 

CAS will provide a written copy of our pricing policy and will also supply support material where required in the form of audit reports, general meeting reports, guidance documents and more.

We offer an hourly and daily rate, and can tailor an ongoing support contract.

We will treat your information with the utmost confidentiality, sharing only authorised information on your business activities to regulators, trade associations, etc.